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[sticky post] Wants List

Here is my new master wants list!
This list will cover Pokemon and beyond, and is image-based, rather than text-based like the old one.
This post is still under construction, but my old list has all my wants typed out.

If you need to, images can be right clicked->opened in new tab to show the actual size.

Pokemon Wants
I mainly collect Darumaka, Drifloon/Driblim, and Flygon. (Side collections' want lists will be up later)
If you have some unknown misc items (like random cards, stickers, etc) of them, I will want it. (If I don't have it already, but feel free to show me!)
Also I love customs of these three, esp Darumaka.

[Click to See Darumaka Wants]

Text Version
Grail: Darumaka Seittei
Not Pictured: Darumaka can badge (not sure exists), Darmanitan AEON can badge (Pretty sure it exists)
Seeking Customs: Life-sized Darumaka plush

[Click to See Drifloon Wants]

Text Version (Coming soon)
Grail: Drifloon Pokecen clearfile

[Click to See Flygon Wants]

Text Version (Coming soon)
Grail: Flygon line Zukan


Other Wants
So far there isn't anything I collect as much as I do Pokemon, but I do like to collect items from the Tales of series (to an extent), and there are some items from my favorite games/mangas/animes that I'm seeking.

[Click to See Tales of Wants]
Tales of Wants
Here for now, though not as up to date as my Pokemon list is

[Click to See Misc Wants]
Misc Wants
Here for now, though not as up to date as my Pokemon list is

My collection site:


So pages from July's Corocoro were leaked yesterday with a bunch of Pokemon ORAS info

What are you doing you're way behind on collection updates

I just want to give my opinions on a few things. So read if you want or just ignore this
First of all, I am STOKED for OR/AS and already preordered my copy on amazon, Hoenn is my fave region and I was really hoping for remakes

First of all, Mega Sceptile + Swampert.
I knew they had to be getting mega evolutions since Blaziken already has one (I still find it weird that the Kalos starters didn't get megas while the kanto ones did) and I'm expecting all the starters to get one eventually anyway.
I like both of their designs, though after seeing some fan speculations of what the front of Mega Sceptile looks like now I'm kind of worried about that haha.
Also I WAS going to use their mega forms to decide which starter to pick because I love all three and used them all once before (S/R/E), but I'm still not sure who I wanna pick hnnnggggh.
I kinda liked using Treecko in Ruby because it's more of a challenge and Treecko doesn't get enough love but who knows if the gyms'll be the same this time
(PS Mega Sceptile's typing is awesome even if it is a bit unfortunate defensive-wise)

I've never been a big fan of mega evolution (what is this, digimon?), but I do like some of the designs and I'm looking forward to the chance to use a Pokemon that has a mega evo. (Didn't use any in X&Y)
I love Mawille but never used one so I was thinking to this time and also the starter mega
So that's already two haha

I'm so glad Brendan and May didn't get replaced! Still annoyed about Crystal
At first I didn't like May's new design at all but after seeing fan art of her and people saying it looks very summery which fits with the heat of Hoenn or that it looks like it could double as a swimsuit it's growing on me a bit.
I will miss her bandana though.

Brendan looks good and I take the tan skin to mean trainer customization is indeed back.
I'm kinda wondering why he's the tan one and not May but it's probably due to Japan's general perception on "female beauty"
it could of been either way anyway don't read too much into it
The brown hair is kinda eh but again, trainer customization?

And when I think about it does this mean if you play as May then Brendan will be tanned? I find that neat Huh? But Shauna…?
Also I've seen some people hoping for Norman/Mom to be tan to account for the possibility of the player character being tan and I would like that as well but we'll see
I do hope for the day when there'll be a wider range of skin tones on both ends not just "pale", "normal peach", and "slightly tanned"

Steven looks awesome and I hope he gets a bigger role in the story!! (It looks like he will because he's researching mega stones and all)
I hope that isn't his mega charizard though I mean quit it with the charizards already give him a mega aggron

Overall I like the new Team Magma and Aqua designs even if some of them seem a bit too... drastic? Like I don't know where they got some of the admins they're like totally new people but a few of them didn't have much personality to begin with so…
And again I do like them overall
I've seen some people comment on how Team Magma seem like nerds while Aqua seem like jocks so brain vs brawn?? Could be interesting if it's true

I like tan Team Aqua it makes sense and anyway I want more racial diversity in my games so I'll accept people's headcannons that they aren't just a bunch of white people with tans but that they're islanders
You know what I mean right

Both interested and confused on Kyogre and Groudon's "mega" forms names Primal forms for all the legendaries?
Also I've seen one fanart with R/S May and ORAS May, where R/S May looked older and more mature… probably just because R/S are older games but still it got me thinking……… Hm……… prequels?


What I want from the games:
-Expanded trainer customization. More outfits! Skin tones! Hair colors/Styles! Freckles! Why couldn't I keep on my freckles in XY
May and Brendan's R/S/E outfits would be awesome lol I love May so I don't see myself changing her too much though
-SECRET HIDEOUTS! More items and layout options just all in all expanding it lol
-Awesome music paying homage to the original's music
-An awesome story! (While staying true to the originals) I loved B/W and B2/W2 were pretty good but they were all not quite there and XY felt like a bit of a step back for me
-The moving van
-Prof Birch getting chased by zigzagoon
-Expanded contests/berries/pokeblocks
-Expanded photo guy. Maybe the ability to take your own screenshots, similar to ACNL?
-TONS AND TONS OF HOENN POKEMON I felt there weren't enough Kalos guys around in XY

What I DON'T want:
-The game to be incredibly easy like X&Y was
no challenge = no fun! Why did no one complain about how ridiculously easy X&Y was?!?!?!??
-Too many drastic changes to the cities/routes/gym leaders
-Wallace as the champion. I'm sorry Wallace but stay in yo gym #Steven4lyfe
Although I've seen some people hoping Wally would be champion which'd be kinda neat but it's kinda just Blue all over again so eh. I would like Wally to have more of a role in the story though but again, #STEVEN4LYFE
-That's all I can think of atm

I can't wait for E3 tomorrow hoping for a PROPER OR/AS trailer that clip you showed before didn't count for anything nintendo
Ofc I'm excited for other E3 announcements

I am so hyped for these games

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Battle Trozei

I've never played Pokemon Trozei, but always thought that the pokemon icons from it were really cute…
Recently a sequel was announced and


I have a package filled with 'Maka goodies on the way, update when they do arrive!

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Darumaka New Years 2014!

New Darumaka New Years items! (New Years 2014)
Coming out Nov 9th!
News here! Look at all those items!

(Under the image, it says: 今年も登場! ダルマッカ!! 今年は、等身大の大きなダルマッカ座布団。座るだけで縁起がいい!?)

Recently I've been a little short on cash, BUT I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH THEY COST

I wonder if there's anyone doing pickups this year… @.@

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X Update Sorta

I've reached a point in the game where there are so many new Pokemon I want to try out on my team, and yet I don't know who to replace…
(I get attached to my pokemon and also bringing in new ones means more training…)

I dunno if I should keep Meowstic or use Inkay… Type-wise, Inkay is more interesting as Psychic/Dark and I like to have dual-type Pokemon to cover more bases. I like both their designs but I've had Meowstic with me for a while… And he just recently evolved…

(I was gonna put a picture of them both here… But, nah… Then I'd potentially be spoiling it for other people who don't want to be shown the new Pokemon like how I don't)

……………………………My Meowstic is male… part of me wishes I had a female Meowstic… xD Ahem, back on topic:

Also, I like Fletchinder but that flying/fighting thing looks like fun to use… (Which Bulbapedia doesn't have a page of… It's kinda exciting playing without all the info already out.)

And I wanna try out my Amaura. (Went with the Sail Fossil because I think I've accidentally caught a short glimpse of the final evo for the other fossil…)
Wanna try that little yellow fairy mouse and that rock rabbit thing too…

Poor Swirlix is most likely out… Been wanting to see what she evolves to but I looked it up and yes she does need that whipping cream + trade for evolution… Suppose I could trade with my friend if I wanted… (This is actually the first time I know people I can trade with… *tears of joy*)
Furfrou might get replaced since normal isn't a very interesting typing and there's no space next to her in the pokedex so it looks like she doesn't evolve… But I love my Furfrou! D:

Also I love the glittering cave.

Where I am now:

(Okay so I'm in the cave next to this town.)

I like the camera-taking feature but I miss HG and SS where you would take a pic with your Pokemon…

I only have two badges so far so I'm not that far along at all… Yet my play time shows much longer than what I've played lol. It's all messed up cause I would leave the game running all night and during the daytime… (but minimized) I didn't realize the counter was still going… xD;

My friend was apparently waiting for me to start playing… I feel really bad about that… When I gave her hers I said that I wanted to play, and I meant right then because we were about to watch Monsters U at her house… (She kinda forced me to watch it with her, but I did want to see it. It was a good movie.) I guess she took that as: "I want to play but can't because I don't have my copy yet"…
But my original copy for some reason needed a signature so I didn't get it yesterday, but today… (Will be returning that) So in a way I am still glad I bought it Sat… Just wish my friend hadn't been so nice and waited…
Well she's at the second gym last I asked so at least so she's caught up… ^^; But man she has a lot of time to play… lucky not-senior in college-ness…

……… Should I be trying to make the trainer look like me…?

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Pokemon X first impressions

I preordered X back in January from amazon, but was recently considering canceling my preorder and just going to the mall and picking it up on Sat. Because for some reason Amazon doesn't like to give pokemon games release date delivery, making the estimate the Thursday after release… I didn't know I could wait that long.
Also my friend's birthday was Sat and even though she needs to finish Pearl, White, and White 2 first… How could I not buy her Y version? The timing was just too perfect…
So I decided I would get her the game, as well as buying X for myself… But then Amazon shipped my package on Friday… what the heck amazon lol. Was hoping for a miracle and getting in on Sat since it shipped from not too far away.
On Sat, my package arrives in the UPS center near my house… but in the afternoon…

So I go to the mall and was considering just buying 2 Y versions (I will buy Y one day anyway in the future), but in the end get myself X. When the game arrives Mon I'll just have to return it…
I've played a bit so far.

Some of my first thoughts/impressions:

>The game opening is kinda lame. (Well after Black's opening there's a lot to live up to in my eyes… can't remember Black 2's atm.)

>Hm, I thought Sycamore was a female prof's name. It sounds more like a girl name to me I guess? Well they can't just all be female profs now right? That'd make Juniper less special… but more females in the future would be nice.
Well this dude looks pretty cool. Wish he would quit talking on without me pressing A though, I missed a line of text… Well, it's probably not too important…
Also I want whatever it was that he sent out.

>The little cutscenes are cool

>I wonder if you play as a boy, does that make Serena (female trainer) and Shauna your rival-friends (two girls), or is there a boy to replace Shauna…?

>Calem being the male trainer just without the hat is kinda funny though

>Oooh I like the idea of 5 trainers… I hope whoever the other two are are also my rivals/friends, and not just there

>I'm assuming they got the starters from the professor (Not sure if it was Calem or Shauna that had them…)

>I ended up going with Froakie.
Partly because I've accidentally seen Chespin's second evo (I want surprises) and partly as a surfer.
(I like Fennekin too, but he's so dang popular. And I don't like him enough to not care about that. I like them all pretty equally. Pretty silly, I know… Meh)

>Had them call me "Sephira-sama" because the only other thing I could think of at the time was "Master." Now I'm wishing I had gone with "Boss"…

>Still waiting for Calem to challenge me… Come on dude you're the one with the starter advantage.

>The little 3D trainer intro thing was cool though

>First wild pokemon is a Pidgey… meeeeh… Doesn't count.
Second is that weird rabbit thing (buneary wannabe?) that I can't remember the name of, and I catch it (I've gotten used to the thing, but you gotta admit it is weird)

>Exp even when catching Pokemon aww yeah

>Fletchling is cute but looks kinda like a re-designed Pidove to me…

>Aw normal trainers don't get 3D intro

>I love how you crouch down to talk to little kids/put found items in your bag

>Scuttlebug is kinda cute but at the same time weird…

>Why does Pikachu get to say his name?? I bet no other pokemon will be like that.
What is this? Pikachu you're nothing special. This isn't Yellow version.

>Dang it guys quit running away whenever I get close (the other pokedex holders)

>Yeah rollerblades! … How do I take these things off? xD;; (still haven't figured this out)

>Is Litleo another Shinx, or another Growlithe? Hm…
It's kinda cute but at the same time looks weird. (Dat face)

>First gym leader is a female bug trainer? Kewl. She's a photographer? … Like Burg and his art?

>Gym battle… her hair is cool but those eyebrows… and she's gotta stop with the photography analogies

>No 3D intros for gym leaders?

>That little fairy flower thing is cute

>I see one with a yellow flower which makes me confused, so I look it up and find out there are three possible flower colors which is pretty cool (Mine has a pink flower.)

>I finally realize that the whole game isn't in 3D. …Why…? (For the kids…?)

>I finally figure out how to get to pokemon super training/aime… I thought it had to be unlocked later or something
Kinda nice, though I'd rather not spend too much time doing that…

>Woah the prof lives in a big city

>Big city has annoying cameras

>That dog thing… I must have one!!!

>It took a while but I finally went into every building I'm able to atm… I think.
Wonder when the power'll be back on. Kinda dreading that because then I'd have to explore more of this city with it's annoying camera.

>… My mom is that famous Rydon racer? xD somehow I missed that.

>Did the prof just say "I'm not very good"…?

>Picked Bulbasaur, but not going to use him
(While I like the idea of being able to get older starters in-game, I think it's pretty lame you can get them from the beginning like this. And from the region's professor, too. It's like GameFreak's trying to keep the fans happy or something… Just make good new games with good new pokemon and don't rely on the older ones…)

>Scattlebug was my first pokemon evo, and it's also not long till he's fully evolved. (Dem bug types.)
First evo ups the weird but somehow cute-ness and the final evo is pretty neat

>Dang those badge silhouettes look complex………

>Spend more time than probably necessary making my trainer PR

>Oh so you can change eye colors. …With contacts…
Wonder about skin tone dunno if they'd be able to properly explain that

>Is this spiky haired dude the new Alder?

>Okay this spiky haired dude is really suspicious I don't trust him

>Wait Calem aren't we going to battle…?

>Aaw yeah, salon.
Boo not being able to see what you're getting…

>Froakie and Fletchling evolve, I'm happy with their evolutions.

>He's trying to learn ember…? Fletchinder is fire type…? FIRE?? Whaaa

>Not sure that was worth the 300k poke, but it was nice exp. Two of my pokemon did evolve…
The tiny mushrooms are meh

>Cool the trees actually look like they need to get cut down for you to pass xD

>Get myself a Furfrou, and a Skiddo. Also discover a little purple thing that I also want.
A bit sad Furfrou is normal type, as normal types often don't last long on my team. (Unless they're Zangoose or Bouffalant. Hopefully Furfrou will be like one of those two. Aka awesome)

>I think it's cool I keep running into the other guys, but there should be more battling. Shauna seems to stick around me the most though.

>Woah random camera angle change while healing pokemon
… Dat's cool
(It was the close up of Joy(?)'s face. It surprised me. xD)

>Those "go online to meet people!" notifications on the bottom screen are annoying… Quit popping up…

>Aw yeah I gots good aura dat's right
You're welcome to join my team Lucario. Oh, you're staying with you master…? That's cool…
What was he/she wearing, btw…?

>The exp share (with new rules!) and amulet coin received early in the game. Niice

>That Furfrou catching thing… ugh

>Camera thing is cool yet annoying
Should be more like HG/SS imo

>People keep asking me to tip them, and I do… I wonder is there's any point to that? Or if it's just loosing money?

>Get my purple thing (I don't remember what it's called right now… ^^;)

>Furfrou and purple thing replace Litleo and Vivllon. (I want to know what Litleo evolves to, but I don't need two fire types…)

>Ew what is that what Furfrou evolves to…? And the heart one is the girl…? Mine's a girl! D:
Checks pokedex after battle.
Looks up on Bulbapedia.
…Oh they were groomed? That's pretty cool. xD Don't think I'll ever groom mine though.
Well maybe the blue or orange… I like the shaggy coat though…

>Wait why doesn't the rich guy groom his Furfrou
Oh well (that's probably a stereotype)

>Bye Snorlax
dang right that's a strong bridge

…Hm and that's pretty much it. (I tried to put everything in order but it might not be… ^^; There also might be typos I'm not noticing that I'll fix later. Might also add things I've forgotten…)

Having fun playing. The new pokemon at the beginning I was a little disappointed in but now the one's I'm finding I'm liking. I wish the ratio of new to older pokemon was tipped towards the new pokemon though… I'm mostly running into older pokemon… I wanna know the new oneeesss

My current team is:
Frogadier, Fletchinder, Furfrou, little phychic purple thing, Floette, and Skiddo

One badge.

Midterms this week, back to work for me………
(I probably should of just waited till Monday with all the work I have to do…)

Pokemon X&Y!!!

Pokemon X&Y come out tomorrow!!!

I still don't know what starter I'm gonna pick

I preordered with amazon way back in Jan but since the delivery estimate was Thurs I was gonna go to the mall tomorrow and pick up a copy but they shipped it today xD Oh amazon… Maybe they knew?
New estimate is Monday… but is it conceivable it'll arrive tomorrow…? It's in PA now and I live in CT…

Also, there's a new Korra tonight!! (The gif above also applies to here)
It was such a cliffhanger last week! Man it sucks not having cable and having to wait until Saturday xD;

Since we're on the topic of things happening this weekend, Taxi Journey's kickstarter ends in a couple hours and they need your help!

If it makes 40K ($300 to go!), every backer will get a signed artwork with his/her name on it.
Even if the campaign fails.
Even if you pledge $1.

I don't even have a WiiU (yet) or a PC and I really want this game.
If it succeeds future ports are possible! (psn, xbox, ipod, and android are stretch goals!)

Packaging secrets??

WOAH I had no idea!!

(*that there was this flap thing here)

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Tales of Xillia!

Been away since the 15th of July, and just got back home today.
I was traveling in the UK, two weeks in Ireland, two in England, and then was over at my friend's house for her birthday.
Had a lot of fun, but anyways I had a package waiting for me…

What's inside…?? Something I've been waiting for for far too long!!!

I almost didn't want to take the plastic wrap off it, but I had to heh. ^^;
More Pictures!Collapse )

Whole thing unboxed!

I can't wait to play!!!!
I don't have my own PS3 (sadface) so I have to use my brother's, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to……… >.>

Oh, also- while I was in the UK I picked this up:


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FJ gets 1/2

AKA "FJ Gets: Darumaka Edition"

Got a package from FJ yesterday (finally), containing two hard to come by Darumaka items:

2011 New Years charm (with back) and the 2011 New Years sticker.
(This is the package I've been waiting for… Well, one of them.)
Now just two more items and I'll have everything from the 2011 New Years promo!
The charm without the back, and the postcard with Darumaka on it, in case you're wondering. (And have one for sale.)

Now, about FJ(FromJapan)… I'm gonna have to say I'm switching back over to SMJ(Shopping Mall Japan).
I haven't been with FJ for very long, and the first time I used it (back right before they added the commission fee) something went wrong, which wasn't their fault at all and they resolved it nicely… (It just left a sour taste in my mouth.)
This was my second time using them, or I guess you'd say first since the first order fell through…
But excuse me while I ramble about the good and bad points I found about FJ.

*Deposit available in your account instantly (unlike SMJ)
*You can use this deposit amount to pay for things (unlike SMJ)
*Cheap commission price (cheaper than SMJ and Noppin, not sure about TreasureJapan's commission)
*Good customer service in my experience (SMJ is good too, but this is still good)

*The shipping price really hurts (it can, did for me)
*Items can only be stored for 30 days
*Way it works- the site, is so-so (maybe this is just me just being picky, (gonna be a web designer) but the way SMJ works and their whole site is just way better to me, for many reasons)

(I have a feeling I may be missing some things, so I might add them in later when I can think of them…)

So yeah… The whole "30 days only" thing is the main reason why I want to go back to SMJ, which will hold things for 120 days. It's just the best for me, since I buy a couple of things now and then, (sometimes 30 days apart) and request shipping once I have enough loot.
Also, the shipping price. I decided to give FJ another chance because the sticker had popped up, and using SMJ the price would of been doubled with the commission and everything, (smaller, cheaper items often double in price with them) so I wanted to try to save money. So I saved a lot with FJ that way. I also went ahead and bought the charm, since the only reason I haven't before is because with SMJ it would have cost around $50, which is a little steep for a small charm, even if it is hard to come by.
I saved money, I felt good… But then the shipping price killed me. I can't remember what it was, but it was pretty ridiculous. Way more expensive than what I've had to pay for SMJ, who ship from within the US… And when they ship the items from Japan->US, they ship a whole bunch at once so you're not paying much for that. (This might also be because it was only two items, but they'd only hold them for 30 days…)
I went with one of the options that wasn't too bad, and still secure. (with tracking) I still don't understand why it was so expensive, since the items are so light… But I guess that's just how international mail works…? Though buying heavier things from people in Japan on PKMNcollectors the shipping price wasn't that bad… It could have to do with the overall size of the envelope maybe?
But anyways, with the shipping price, I didn't really saved any money at all… Plus it took FOREVER for them to arrive, and I'm still waiting for the second package. (Another small, expensive-shipping one, but I had already requested shipping for my 'maka items and they couldn't be combined…) WAY longer than the ETA, but I guess that's more the mail service's fault…
But still, a second bad experience…

If you buy a ton of items within the span of 30 days, FJ can be great. (Not sure how the shipping will end up being, but hopefully it'll be more worth it, and not just more expensive.) I think it's especially good for GBs and GAs… But for me, SMJ is better.

Ramble over.

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